A Message from Richard Williams and Richard Anderson, EAHN2021 co-chairs

Welcome back to EAHN2021! The big news is that the 2021 conference is going fully online. We’re keeping the same big programme, and the same global scope, but taking the whole event online. The dates remain the same as before, 2-5 June 2021.


Ongoing uncertainties about travel in 2020-21 mean this is the right thing to do, but we know from the experience of other conferences that have gone online this year is that they can not only maintain the same quality of debate, but they can also access new audiences who might not have been able to travel to an in-person event. That is a great attraction for us, and to make that possible, we will keep the conference fee as low as possible.


We’re working with a team of professional conference organisers based at the University of Edinburgh to deliver the online event. All speakers and session chairs will get full training in the use of their platform, and we will work hard to make sure the experience at the delegate end is as straightforward and smooth as possible.


Right now, we are working with everyone who has been involved in the conference so far to enable the transition online. We hope to establish the final shape and scope of the new conference in the next few weeks, and at that point we will update the website with detailed information about programmes and sessions. Registration will open in January 2021. More information on that, including pricing, will follow in late autumn.


EAHN2021 will be different – but it will also be a great event, and we are looking forward to welcoming new audiences for the conference, people who wouldn’t have been able to make it to an in person event here. Do follow us on twitter (@EAHN2021) for the latest updates, and watch the website for more over the coming months.


Look forward to seeing you all in June 2021


Richard Williams

Richard Anderson