Thank you from EAHN2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in EAHN2021 – our plenary speakers, session chairs, presenters, publishers and delegates for coming and making it the success it was. Attendance was well over 300, slightly above the average for EAHN biannual conferences. That was a credit to everyone who helped produce the conference, which was – it is worth remembering  – was the first time EAHN had held a major online event, and certainly the first time the biannual conference had been done in this way. And although digital, it was certainly ‘live’ – we were very pleased with the atmosphere in the sessions.

For most of the conference, the technology worked well,  and that says as much about the resilience of all our participants’ setups, as well as that of the technical support in Edinburgh. The interruption to the service we suffered on Thursday morning was mercifully brief. Thank you again for your patience with us that day. Tech issues aside we were delighted with the programme, and hope you enjoyed it too. It really stretched the boundaries of what architectural history might do, and we learned a lot from it over the four days of the conference. We also hope you enjoyed the Edinburgh Site Videos, the Bookfair, and the chance to meet other delegates via the Meeting Hub.

We’re in the process of making the three plenary lectures available online. These will be available here on the conference website shortly.

Thank you again for coming to EAHN2021, and we look forward very much to seeing you at EAHN2022 in Madrid!

Richard Anderson and Richard Williams, co-chairs EAHN2021